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Make Daily Life More Dignified and Easier

Bathing is something which most folks do every single day. By making the daily cleaning of yourself easier, you are able to make your life more dignified, and much more satisfying knowing you can take good care of yourself, without the need of external help or nurses to do.

Stay in Your Own Home Longer with More Freedom

Everybody desires in order to live independently, and be able to look after themselves for as long as possible. With a fresh bathtub, you may add another couple of years to being able to reside in your home, take care of yourself, and be free to determine when you would like to bathe, not when you’re scheduled to.

No More Worrying About the Safety of Your Loved Ones

You can worry about your nearest and dearest security by reducing the likelihood of falling and slipping in the bathroom. No more wondering if they have fallen and can’t get up, or are satisfactory. You can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in risk by adding mobility gear.


Is it true that the risk of slipping and falling in the bathroom make you scared of living?

Would a slip and fall set you behind years of mobility and exercise?

We’re proud to set up walk in tubs and showers for the great people of Bloomington, to make ordinary living much easier. Our highly trained technicians here at Cain’s Mobility IN can have a brand new shower arrangement all prepared to go in your Bloomington house within a day or two!

Stop Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Bathroom, and Get Equilibrium and Balance.

Are you worried about yourself or your loved one getting in or out of the shower by themselves?

Among the greatest worries for aged individuals living alone in Bloomington is the danger of slipping and falling when getting in or out of the shower.

With a walk in tub, you can quit worrying about that possibility, since the washing procedure will be safe and easy .

Without needing to step out over the side, now you have more equilibrium and stability, and can get in and out much easier.

Prevent Serious Injury which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Considerably

For a lot of aged folks dwelling in Bloomington, bones could break, and considerably hinder freedom and exercise for years to come. Every single day this inactivity and lack of skill to move can greatly decrease your lifespan and total happiness and liberty you’ve.

Among the easiest methods to stop harm is in the bathroom, with new mobility equipment that make the process of bathing significantly less dangerous than before.

So give our Bloomington team a call right away to learn how you can prevent serious injury like a busted hip, leg or back, and live more independently for longer and free.

Raise your Bloomington Home’s Resale Value to a Growing Baby Boomer People.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Indiana are getting old, freedom equipment will become a bigger and larger selling point for the purchase of Bloomington houses.

By installing a walk-in bath in your Bloomington house, you will not only make daily living easier but would set your home up to be precious in the future.

Every walk in bathtub can greatly raise your Indiana appeal and home’s resale to aging people.

Give our Bloomington team a call to discover precisely how much your house’s resale value would increase from a new facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there any kits available for installing my own walk-in tub?

Yes, manufacturers do offer do-it-yourself installations of a bath conversion kit. Depending on whether you have the correct tools and technical familiarity with the instruments, it's not impossible. Yet, lots of times, someone believes it is definitely going to be inexpensive to purchase all the tools that are appropriate. These tools could be costly, so ensure you compare the price of purchasing all of the tools as well as the cost of your time learning how to install the kit together with the expense of a professional installation. Then the directions might seem fairly simple, if you are someone who does a great deal of home improvements. If not, you might want to save yourself the trouble and expense by investing in Bloomington professionals who will install it properly. Only make sure they analyze the unit according to the directions of the manufacturer's and the unit you purchased did not get harmed during transportation.

2) Will the cost of installation and equipment be covered by my disability in Indiana?

If your impairment was a result of a work or vehicle injury, check together with the appropriate insurance carrier to see if house adjustments resulting from your IN impairment are insured. Claims that include Bloomington home modifications are not inadmissible in insurance resolutions. A person have a medical condition that meets their definition of impairment and qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they've worked in work that was covered by Social Security. Benefits may be insured, if you're injured or on impairment. Since SSI is a needs-based program as well as an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, qualification for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person with a disability to attain an occupational goal. The cash that's set aside under a PASS could be used for anything that results in an occupational goal and may be utilized to cover home adjustments through an SSI savings plan. If you're a veteran, the Department of Veterans' Affairs does offer individual plans that might assist you to deflect a number of the cost. You may also ask in case you qualify for the which is modeled after Medicaid's Consumer Directed HCBS, or the VA Aid and Attendance, Housebound and other Pensions. Contact the VA and ask for VA form 26-4555 to apply for a SAH or SHA grant. For information on all VA benefits in Indiana call 1-800-827-1000.

3) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the manufacturers about Indiana options. Colours that are uniform with most toilets are only offered by some. Choosing the right walk in tub for you means discussing the number of styles, sizes and layouts to make sure it suits your own special needs and room conditions. You may need to pay an added fee for a custom color, since most makers make tubs in white and cream.

4) Will a tub like this look bad for my homeowner’s insurance in Indiana?

Many upgraded homeowner's insurance policies protect against flooding from your pipes and appliances. Check with your Bloomington homeowner's insurance to make sure it will cover you against this sort of damage. You might need a house modification permit from the Bloomington, IN building department to set up a bath, particularly if walls have to be eliminated to coordinate with your toilet plans. Most of all, in case you needed a permit and you did not get one AND your house suffers from damage from the installed walk in bath, your losses may not be covered by your homeowner's insurance. In case you plan on ever selling your Bloomington house, there are heaps of buyer beware messages out there that will steer prospective buyers from your house since it does impact homeowner's insurance, if there have been any progress without permits. Buyers see the permits and their homeowners insurance as protections on their investments in homes.

5) What are some of the benefits of getting one?

The main advantage is that it facilitates your head when you have mobility problems, because depending on your own circumstance, you can slip on a regular bath or have trouble getting into the bath with no low step threshold. By making bath simpler, the design of a walk in bathtub can likewise make it a lot more suitable for people who you depend on in your own life and enable you to live more independently. Aside from the benefits of safety and accessibility, living independently in Bloomington is a real headache for individuals suffering from mobility issues. Other advantages include improved relaxation given all the attributes that are offered to you personally. It relieves the distress associated with ailments that are common.

6) Will AARP cover the cost of equipment and installation?

AARP is not a supplier of insurance, but contracts with insurance companies to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP will not make health plan recommendations for individuals and does not cover the cost of walk in tubs or some well-being needs. AARP does provide accessibility to health care tools and coverage like other health plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance to members as a resource, but third parties provide member benefits. Check with the plans that are listed under the membership services of AARP in Indiana.

7) Will AETNA cover the cost of equipment and installation in Indiana?

Aetna does not insure walk-in bathtubs under their plans that are traditional in Indiana. Aetna does not insure walk-in baths under their HMO and health network plans either. They normally follow Medicare's criteria for durable medical equipment (DME) items used in the bathroom. If the member is bed- confined or room - confined some DMEs are considered medically necessary, as opposed to a public toilet. DMEs are considered medically necessary if it is vital for daily activities and is primarily medical in nature. Since bathing is considered a daily living activity and considered crucial, Aetna lists toilet items which are considered medically necessary if a member is not able to bathe or shower without being seated or unable to transfer to and from a tub.

8) Will a tub like this add to my Bloomington home’s resale value?

In case you live in a Bloomington retirement community, installing a walk-in bathroom may increase the value of your house. Otherwise, it probably will not raise the value of your home. Since changes to your toilet do not generally increase the value of your house, price can be qualified for the medical expense deduction for tax purposes both federally and in Indiana if the primary objective of the improvements will be to accommodate a residence to the handicap of the taxpayer, their partner or dependent living there.

9) Can the shower be used still with a walk-in bathtub?

Yes. There are walkin tub installations that give you a large standing place for standup showers. You can either shower sitting down or standing up. Be sure to get the appropriate dimensions for the walk-in tub so that you don't feel cramped during a stand up shower. Additionally, should you intend to keep your standing shower, because if your faucet is not directly against a wall, it is far more difficult to tap into your existing shower, another thing to keep in mind is to ask about the faucet location.

10) How do I know these tubs will fully seal and not leak out all over the floor?

Initial testing and suitable setup should offer you a leak proof encounter, however there are events where they experienced escapes, that customers report. Under proper circumstances, the door seal should compress making it completely leak proof. Some units comprise another drain under the entry door to help prevent leaks if the door does leak. If this feature is included inquire. We highly advise that you just get a lifetime warranty, since it covers the door in the instance of a leak and the seal. Replacement seals will cost you. Also, it's vital that you take good attention of the walk-in bathtub door when the bath is not in use to prevent premature failure of the seal. Wiping down door jamb and the door seal after each use can keep the integrity of the water seal. Follow the maintenance as well as care directions.

11) Do these tubs drain normally?

Yes. Occasionally, however, it is critical to modify the pipes depending on the location of the drains. Installers may need to add a fitting to the present wastewater pipe for a walk in tub. Existing pipes may allow for quicker drain times or slower drain times.

12) Why are these tubs so much more expensive than normal tubs?

Largely you are paying for a list of safety features that are unavailable on a regular bath. These safety features are built into walk-in tubs for persons with limited mobility to decrease the possibility of falling down. Model wall heights are typically 37 to 47 inches tall and contain a built-in shower seat, textured floor, grab bars, anti-scald valves, in-line heater, temperature controls, and also a watertight door. An important aspect of walk in baths is that there is a low step threshold to permit a user to easily enter into the tub unconcerned regarding the conventional high wall of a regular bathtub. The walk-in tubs also typically include jet therapy a cleaning function, and enhanced drain choices. Also, among the reasons why the price changes among the walk-in baths is that the tubs are custom-made depending on a person's demands rather than factory reproduced, so you could find a bathtub that's specifically made for someone who desires wheelchair accessibility, a tub that fits a bigger individual, or a soaker tub with jets.

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